Clinical Pharmacogenetics Longitudinal Experience

The Clinical Pharmacogenetics rotation is a 9-month longitudinal learning experience. During this rotation, the resident will be actively engaged in providing clinical pharmacogenetics services to patients and will be introduced to various activities that promote the clinical implementation of pharmacogenetics at St. Jude and beyond. 

Specifically, the resident will participate in activities related to interpreting clinical pharmacogenetic test results and providing pharmacogenetic consultations that include recommendations for drug therapy to assure optimal drug dosing for patients. The resident will participate in the conduct of a clinical trial for implementing state-of-the art clinical pharmacogenetics, with activities to include analyzing raw pharmacogenetic data, evaluating pharmacogenetics literature, writing language that interprets a clinical genotype result, and participating in the implementation of clinical decision support for high-risk gene-drug pairs. The resident will gain an understanding of how laboratory, clinical services, and clinical informatics components are essential in providing quality clinical pharmacogenetics services.