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    Inpatient Visiting Guidelines

    St. Jude staff members understand that love and support from family and friends are essential to helping your child adjust to being in the hospital. Even so, we need you to follow the hospital’s visiting guidelines to protect the health and the safety of your child and all St. Jude patients. The following is a shortened version of the visiting guidelines. For a more complete list, see the notebook you received during your first few days at St. Jude.

    See "Do You Know...Visiting Guidelines."

    Avoid live virus vaccines and people who have received one

    Some vaccines are made from live viruses. Currently, these include oral polio, smallpox, MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella), and nasal flu vaccines.

    These vaccines may pose a threat to your child’s health. Any person with a weakened immune system, including patients with cancer or HIV infection should not receive live virus vaccines.

    Do not allow people to visit your child if: