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Registration Desk

Your first visit


When you arrive at St. Jude, your first stop will be Patient Registration. It is located near the lobby of the Patient Care Center. Here, a staff member will begin your child’s medical chart. Please have Social Security numbers for you and your child handy as well as insurance details. If you are divorced or are not the child’s natural parent, you must show that you have custody. Please tell the staff member if your child has had medical records in the past in a different name.

Patient Registration office hours are:

When Patient Registration is closed, the nursing coordinator will fill out a brief registration. Another staff member will talk to you at a later time to complete the needed paperwork.

If you have changes in your phone number, address, insurance, emergency contacts, or other important details, please call Patient Registration right away at 901-595-3342. If you are in the hospital, dial 3342. If you are outside the Memphis area, call 1-866-2STJUDE (1-866-278-5833), and press 2#.

Consent Forms

Before your child begins treatment, the staff will ask you to read and sign a general consent form. When you sign this form you are allowing the St. Jude staff to do tests that can help us learn (or confirm) which illness is affecting your child. When test results come back, a St. Jude doctor will meet with you to discuss the findings and treatment options. At this time, you will hear about any clinical research studies that may be open to your child.

If you agree to the suggested treatment plan, a staff member will ask you to sign a second set of consent forms. These forms say that you choose to enroll your child in (or sign him up for) a clinical research study and that you agree to the treatment your child will receive.

It is very important that you understand all consent forms and proposed treatments. If you have any trouble reading or understanding these forms, please tell the staff. We want you to ask as many questions as needed for you to understand the information that the staff gives you. As your child’s treatment progresses, you might be asked to sign other consent forms for certain tests and treatments.

Research Participant Advocate

St. Jude has a research participant advocate who is here to help answer your questions about your rights if you and your child choose to take part in a research study. To reach the research participant advocate, call 901-595-4644. If you are outside the Memphis area, dial toll-free 1-866-JUDE IRB (1-866-583-3472).

Payment and Charges

St. Jude provides medical care to its patients at no cost to the patient or the patient’s family. If you have insurance, St. Jude will bill that insurance company or other third-party payers for medical services provided by the hospital. You are required to help St. Jude comply with the insurance company's needs. Even so, you will pay no co-pays or deductibles. ALSAC will cover all direct costs of St. Jude medical care not covered by insurance or third-party payers. ALSAC was founded for the purpose of supporting St. Jude. If you do not have insurance, you will be referred to our Med Assist office to see if we can find insurance coverage for your child. If you have questions about payment, charges, or insurance, talk with a staff member in Patient Registration.

You can find more details about patient family financial responsibilities in the Patient Family Reference Resource (a notebook given to all patient families upon admission).

In an effort to ensure correct information on your child's medical record, we update information every 60 days. If you have any changes in your address, telephone number, insurance information, employer or work phone number, please call Patient Registration as soon as possible at 901-595-3342; from outside Memphis, dial toll-free 1-866-2ST-JUDE and press 2.