Hartford Christine

Christine M. Hartford, MD

Staff Physician




Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy

Contact Information

Christine Hartford, MD
Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy
MS 260, Room C6029
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN 38105-3678
Email: christine.hartford@stjude.org
Phone: (901) 595-2737
FAX: (901) 595-9005


BA – University of Chicago, IL
MD – University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Interests

Selected Publications

Veal GJ, Hartford CM, Stewart CF. Clinical pharmacology in the adolescent oncology patient. J Clin Oncol May 10, 2010, Epub ahead of print.

Inaba H, Yang J, Pan J, Stokes DC, Krasin MJ, Srinivasan A, Hartford CM, Pui CH, Leung W. Pulmonary dysfunction in survivors of childhood hematologic malignancies after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Cancer 116(8):2020-2030, 2010.

Hartford C, Desai A, Janisch L, Karrison T, Rivera V, Berk L, Loewy J, Kindler H, Stadler W, Knowles H, Bedsrosian C, Ratain M. A phase I trial to determine the safety, tolerability, and maximum tolerated dose of deforolimus (AP23573) an mTOR inhibitor, in patients with advanced malignancies. Clin Cancer Res 15(4):1428-1434, 2009.

Hartford C, Duan S, Delaney S, Mi S, Kistner E, Lamba J, Huang R, Dolan ME. Population specific genetic variants important in susceptibility to cytarabine arabinoside cytotoxicity. Blood 113(10):2145-2153, 2009.

Huang RS, Duan S, Kistner EO, Hartford CM, Dolan ME. Genetic variants associated with carboplatin-induced cytotoxicity in cell lines derived from Africans. Mol Cancer Ther 7(9):3038-3046, 2008.

Hartford C, Volchenboum SL, Cohn SL. 3+3 not equal to (rolling) 6. J Clin Oncol 26(2):170-171, 2008.

Hartford CM, Dolan ME. Identifying genetic variants that contribute to chemotherapy-Induced cytotoxicity. Pharmacogenomics 8(9):1159-1168, 2007.

Hartford CM, Ratain MJ. Rapamycin: something old, something new, sometimes borrowed and now renewed. Clin Pharmacol Ther 82(4):381-388, 2007.

Hartford CM, Yang W, Cheng C, Fan Y, Liu W, Pounds S, Neale G, Raimondi SC, Bogni A, Trevino L, Dolan ME, Pui CH, Relling MV. Genomic scan implicates novel biological pathways in secondary leukemia.  Leukemia 21(10):2128-2136, 2007.

Hartford CM, Vasquez E, Schwab M, Edick MJ, Rehg JE, Grosveld G, Pui CH, Evans WE, Relling MV. Differential effects of targeted disruption of thiopurine methyltransferase on mercaptopurine and thioguanine pharmacodynamics. Cancer Res 67(10):4965-4972, 2007.

Hartford CM, Wodowski KS, Rao BN, Khoury JD, Neel MD, Daw NC. Osteosarcoma among children aged 5 years or younger: the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital experience. J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 28(1):43-47, 2006.

Larson RA, Wang Y, Banerjee M, Wiemels J, Hartford C, LeBeau MM, Smith MT. Prevalence of the inactivating 609C-->T polymorphism in the NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase (NQO1) gene in patients with primary and therapy-related myeloid leukemia. Blood 94(2):803-807, 1999.