St. Jude science meets art

Photography by BMC

St. Jude scientists and local artists joined together recently to create a gallery exhibit, the Art of Science, at the Marshall Gallery in downtown Memphis.

The Art of Science, a collaborative project between artists of the Rozelle Artist Guild and researchers at St. Jude, merged professionals typically found at opposite ends of the career spectrum but who both are required to explore the possibilities and reveal the unknown. In this case, their work combined to offer the community a unique perspective of the important research taking place at St. Jude.

Coordination of the project involved the selection of biomedical images representing the research of St. Jude scientists and the pairing of those images with the right artists and medium for depicting the science. To ensure artists understood the nature of the research and its impact on advancing treatments, researchers met with their artist partners and discussed the scientific studies that led to the biomedical images. Artists then used their chosen media to illustrate the research.