St. Jude unveils new homeland flags

Photography by Peter Barta and Justin Veneman

St. Jude celebrates the diversity of its employees by displaying the flags of their homelands in the Danny Thomas Research Center atrium. Twelve new flags were added to the 88 existing flags during a special ceremony hosted by the St. Jude Women's Club.

The flags unveiled represented Argentina, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia, Nepal, Panama, Portugal, Romania and Senegal.

Dr. William E. Evans, St. Jude director and CEO, and Joseph Laver, MD, clinical director and executive vice president, spoke to a gathering of employees before the unveiling. Employees of many nationalities donned their native dress for the event.

The tradition of hanging flags in the Danny Thomas Research Center began in 1994, when 52 banners were hung for a two-week celebration of Flag Day. The flags eventually became a permanent feature of the building's atrium. The collection of banners gradually grew, thanks to the efforts of the St. Jude Women's Club and the hospital's Volunteer Services department.