Freely Sharing Research

St. Jude creates more clinical trials for cancer than any other children’s hospital. And St. Jude is unusual in that the discoveries made at St. Jude are shared freely, so every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists can use that knowledge to save thousands more children around the world.

The medical and scientific staff at St. Jude shared their research results through more than 750 articles published in peer-reviewed journals in 2012. That equals new discoveries shared approximately every 11 hours.

One of the most exciting projects that St. Jude shares with the world is the Pediatric Cancer Genome Project. The St. Jude—Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project is the world’s most ambitious effort to discover the genetic origins of childhood cancer and seek new cures. Raw sequence data for all published results are freely available to the global research community.

By sharing findings from its research projects, including the Pediatric Cancer Genome Project, in real time, St. Jude is helping hospitals and institutions worldwide to make advances in the global challenge that is curing childhood cancer.


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