Couple funnels shared energy and resources into saving the lives of children

The Tayebatis

Parviz and Susan Tayebati with their son, Alexander

Great couples achieve more together than they may have done separately. Parviz Tayebati, PhD, and his wife, Susan, of Weston, Massachusetts, are one couple whose interests and impressive accomplishments converge to serve a greater purpose.

Married in 2002, Parviz and Susan were introduced by friends, and as luck would have it, they clicked. “I think the timing was just really right for us,” Susan says. “We were both at a point in our lives where we were ready to settle down.” It was clear to those who knew them that they shared the same fundamental philosophies on life and had similar senses of humor.

With a master’s degree in theoretical physics and a doctorate in quantum electronics, Parvis has a genius for turning concepts into practical realities for the benefit of many. He saw the promise of fiber optics when few did and helped expand its applications to include everything from telecommunications to defense. He belongs to numerous professional societies, has published scores of scientific papers and has 25 patents and patents pending for fiber optic communications devices and subsystems.

Susan’s life choices reveal a desire to understand human systems and a commitment to improve them. She received a bachelor’s degree in economics and sociology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and is currently at work obtaining a graduate degree in speech language pathology at Emerson College in Boston.

They have concentrated their formidable energy and resources to funding children’s causes through the Tayebati Family Foundation, which they diligently administer. Susan and Parviz are also devoted parents to their beloved 2-year-old son.

The couple knew they wanted to give to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital when they learned that no child is ever turned away because of the family’s inability to pay. They also recognized how important it is that St. Jude pursues the development of revolutionary vaccines and drugs focused exclusively on saving children’s lives. “These two items really impressed me,” Parviz says.

Their $1 million commitment to the hospital supports the work of the Chemical Biology and Therapeutics department, which speeds science discoveries into treatments and cures for children who suffer from catastrophic diseases.

“I appreciate that the research done at St. Jude is not separate from the clinical practice; it’s intertwined,” Parviz says. “The researchers apply their discoveries to actual patients right away, in real time.”

The couple’s generosity and vision will have a real and lasting effect, helping to save the lives of children from all walks of life for years to come.

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Reprinted from Summer 2007 Promise.


September 2007

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