Non-Therapeutic Protocol

MARB: Molecular Analysis of Retinoblastoma

Type of Protocol/Clinical Study

Associated Solid Tumor Studies : Retinoblastoma


Retinoblastoma is a childhood tumor that affects the retina portion of the eye. These tumors form because of a gene inactivation that occurs before birth. This gene is known as RB1. Children who inherit one abnormal copy of RB1 are likely to develop retinoblastoma affecting both eyes. Children who randomly inherit the gene usually have retinoblastoma involving only one eye. Treatment for retinoblastoma includes removing the diseased eye during an operation in the more advanced cases.

Researchers want to look at a sample of the tumor tissues removed during the operation. They want to learn more about what makes these tumor cells grow and why. They would also like to collect a sample of the participants’ blood, and some information about the child’s age, family history and the stage of the tumor to compare with other tissues and blood samples obtained in the study.



Principal Investigator

Rachel Brennan, MD

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