Cynthia Wetmore, MD, PhD

Cynthia Wetmore, MD, PhD

Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty
Director, Molecular Clinical Trials Shared Resource




Neuro Oncology


BS - Harvard University
PhD - Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden (1992)
MD - University of Minnesota Medical School (1995)

Research Interests

Clinical Interests

Selected Publications

Palmer SL, Glass JO, Li Y, Ogg R, Qaddoumi I, Armstrong GT, Wright KD, Wetmore C, Broniscer A, Gajjar A, Reddick WE. White matter integrity is associated with information processing speed in patients treated for a posterior fossa brain tumor. Neuro-oncology 2013 (in press).

Colvin Wanshura LE, Galvin KE, Ye H, Fernandez-Zapico ME, Wetmore C. Sequential activation of Snail1 and N-myc modulates Sonic hedgehog induced transformation of neural cells. Cancer Res Aug 1;71(15):5336-45, 2011. Epub 2011 Jun 6.

Nageswara Rao AA, Ye H, Decker PA, Howe CL, Wetmore C. Therapeutic doses of cranial irradiation induce hippocampus-dependent cognitive deficits in young mice. J Neurooncol Apr 17 2011 [Epub ahead of print]

Rao AA, Laack NN, Giannini C, Wetmore C. Plepmorphic xanthoastrocytoma in children and adolescents. Pediatr Blood Cancer 55(2):290-4, 2010.

Jicha GA, Glantz J, Clarke MJ, Lehwald LM Russo DP, Giannini C, Wald JT, Uhm J, Kumar N, Aksamit AJ, Wetmore CJ. Diffuse leptomemingeal gliomatosis. Eur Neurol 62(1):16-22, 2009.

Leonard J, Ye H, Wetmore C*, Karnitz L.* Sonic hedgehog signaling impairs ionizing radiation-induced checkpoint activation and induces genomic instability. J Cell Biol 183(3):385-391, 2008 *Co-senior authorship.

Galvin KE, Ye H, Erstad DJ, Feddersen R, Wetmore C. Gli1-induces G2/M arrest in normal but not tumor-derived neural stem cells” February 14, 2008 [epub ahead of print] Stem Cells 26:1027-1036, 2008.

Galvin KE, Ye H, Wetmore C. Differential gene induction by genetic and ligand-mediated activation of the Sonic hedgehog pathway in neural stem cells. Dev Biol 308(2):331-342, 2007.

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Yang WQ, Senger D, Muzik H, Shi ZQ, Brasher PMA, Newcastle MB, Hamilton M, Wolff J, Wetmore C, Curran T, Lee PWK, Forsyth PA. Reovirus prolongs survival and reduces the frequency of spinal and leptomeningeal metastases from medulloblastoma. Cancer Res 63(12):3162-3172, 2003.

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