Surviving Cancer

Surviving cancer

St. Jude aims to improve quality of life among adults who survived all types of pediatric cancer.  By “quality of life,” we mean the ability to live long and healthy lives—physically and emotionally. To carry out our mission, Cancer Survivorship conducts clinical research to learn more about the late effects of cancer and its treatment and provides follow-up and supportive care after active treatment ends.

Survival Rates
Cancer Survivorship
The vastly improved survival rates among pediatric cancer patients is one of the truly great success stories of modern medicine. Although researchers still strive to hit the 100 percent survival mark for all types of pediatric cancer, we now have a new quest: Finding ways to improve the health and quality of life of the adults who received treatment for pediatric cancer. At last count, there were approximately 300,000 in the United States, and their ranks are growing.
Cancer survival
St. Jude LIFE & After Completion of Therapy Clinic Presented by Kmart (ACT Clinic)
St. Jude follows more than 4,000 adults who received treatment for cancer during childhood at St. Jude. Our first—and most important—goal is to confirm that patients’ cancer does not come back.
St. Jude for Life
St. Jude Life Study
The aim of the St. Jude Life study is to help you stay healthy throughout your adult lives. We plan to do so by helping you learn about issues that affect your health and ways to stay on top of them.