Marcia Chia

Marcia Coesta Chia

Senior Administrative Assistant in the International Outreach Program

Marcia Coesta Chia, a native of Brazil having joint citizenship with Spain, completed her B.A. in Literature at the Universidade Camilo Castelo Branco – Unicastelo in Sao Paulo, S.P., Brazil. 

Before she came to St. Jude, she was the Administrative Vice President of a service corporation and worked as a research assistant with several literature and scientific professionals in Memphis.

In Brazil, she had worked as a city administrative aid for the City of Sao Paulo and a municipal hospital where she oversaw purchasing and government compliance matters.  Before this, she worked as a bookkeeper and secretary for a small factory.

She joined St. Jude in February, 2008, as Senior Administrative Assistant in the International Outreach Program.  Her duties include: assisting two physicians and one Ph.D. in providing meeting and travel arrangements, plus day-to-day administrative support; providing overall office support including the reception area, mail services, purchasing and check requests, and facilities management; providing technical support for web conference meetings and occasionally translating Portuguese/English documents for Cure4Kids and for the department; preparing requests for payment for Cure4Kids contractors; taking care of delegations visiting St. Jude from Portuguese-speaking countries; and, making travel and hotel arrangements for both domestic and international meetings and conferences.