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HIVBI: Describing Body Image in Youth with HIV

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HIV Studies : HIV


Improving treatment options for HIV/AIDS has transformed the disease from a terminal illness to a chronic condition. As youth are living longer with HIV/AIDS, clinicians and researchers are beginning to examine ways in which the disease can affect one’s physical, mental health, and other psychosocial factors. Research emerging in the adult HIV/AIDS infected population has suggested that increased attention to and negative views of one’s body image may be found at a higher rate in this group. To our knowledge, very few studies have examined this relationship in an adolescent HIV infected population.

The purpose of this exploratory study is to characterize body image perceptions among youth with perinatally and behaviorally acquired HIV. Adolescents will be asked to complete an audio computer assisted self-interview (ACASI) questionnaire that will assess body image, medication adherence, depressive symptoms, medical, and other sociodemographic variables which may relate to adolescents with HIV. Information regarding the adolescents’ medical history, medications, and physical functioning also will be abstracted from his or her medical record.



Principal Investigator

Megan Wilkins PhD

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