RET321: A Trial of Intensive Multi-Modality Therapy for Extra-Ocular Retinoblastoma


Solid Tumor : Extra-occular retinoblastoma


Retinoblastoma is a cancer of the eye. Extra-ocular means that tumor cells have spread outside of the eye. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy, are some of the types of treatment for retinoblastoma. However, patients with extra-ocular retinoblastoma have not fared well with conventional treatment. There is presently no standard treatment for extra-ocular retinoblastoma

This study looks at how well using a combination of different types of treatment called multimodality therapy works when given to children with extra-ocular retinoblastoma. Multimodality therapy includes stronger chemotherapy (called high-dose chemotherapy) with rescue using patient own stem cells. The stem cells help you recover from the bad effects that the stronger chemotherapy will have on the patient’s bone marrow. Multimodality therapy may also include radiation therapy, depending on how well cancer shrinks or disappears during treatment, and surgery. Even though the drugs used in this protocol, stem cell rescue, surgery, and radiation therapy are not new in the treatment of metastatic retinoblastoma, the way that they are used in this study (described as multi modality therapy) is experimental. The duration of the therapy will be for 7-9 months.



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