Contributions to St. Jude Research

DNA/RNA Synthesis services 1983
Protein Sequencing services 1983
On-line ordering/tracking, invoicing database system (HCDB) 1984
Peptide Synthesis services 1986
Molecular Biology Computing Facility 1987
Internet Connectivity and Email 1987
Molecular graphics support 1988
DNA Sequencing services 1988
Automated DNA Extraction services 1991-98 1995-98
Firewall 1995
Dial-in/VPN 1996
MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry 1997
High-performance Computing Facility 2000
Affymetrix GeneChip technology 2000
Surface plasmon resonance for molecular interaction analysis 2001
Biacore SPR analysis 2001
cDNA microarray technology 2001
Proteomics technology 2001
Proteomic analysis by ion-trap mass spectrometry 2002
Genotyping services 2002
ESI/TOF MS for accurate mass measurement of intact proteins 2002
Small molecule tandem mass spectrometry 2002
Established Research Computing/Client Services/LSP 2002 2002
Established Internet2 Connectivity 2003
Tof/Tof mass spectrometry for high throughput protein ID 2003
Blackberry wireless email pilot project 2003
Linux Cluster supercomputing (280 cpu) 2003
Automated DNA cleavage/deprotection 2003
Proteomic comparisons using Isotope tagging 2003
LC-MALDI Protein Profiling 2003
Gene Expression Omnibus Submission Tool (GST) 2003
VectorNTI Training Classes 2003
Spotfire Training Classes 2003
Human CpG island clone microarray services 2004
HCNetDat (gene annotation database) 2004
Hartwell Center Research Workshop Series 2004
Hartwell Center Speaker Series 2004
Affymetrix 10K and 100K SNP array 2004
Analytical Ultracentriguation for molecular interaction analysis 2004
Hartwell Center/IBM Grid Computing Pilot 2004
Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis 2004
PNA Synthesis 2004
MPI Training Classes 2004
Mouse and Human array-based comparative genomic hibridization (aCGH) services using BAC microarrays 2005
Branched Chain Peptide Synthesis 2005
Affymetrix 500K SNP array 2005
Backup/Recovery PI Desktops 2005
LNA synthesis 2006
Cyclic peptide synthesis 2006
SNP annotation pipeline, Gene Ontology and Pathway Analysis software 2006
Peptoid synthesis 2007
Affymetrix Tiling and Exon arrays 2007
Mouse and Human microRNA analyses by two-color microarray using LNA probes 2007
NanoAcquity/LTQ mass spectrometer for attamole detection of proteins 2007
Affymetrix SNP 6.0 assay 2007
Bruker Ultraflex III mass spectrometer for imaging of tissues, small molecules and lipids 2008
Size-exclusion chromatography light scattering (SEC-MALLS) for analysis of protein-protein interactions 2008
Multi-plex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) assays for quantification of DNA copy number 2008
Agilent miRNA microarray platform 2008
Genome Sequencing Facility: Roche FLX and Illumina GAII platforms 2008
Thermo Fisher LTQ-Orbitrap XL for quantitative proteomic studies 2008
Biacore T100 for small molecule interaction analysis 2008
Agilent 1 million feature CGH microarrays 2009
Agilent and Nimblegen sequence capture technologies 2009
Affymetrix GeneTitan system 2009
LCT Premier XE for intact Mass Measurement of Protein and Peptides 2009
Scaffold software training for Proteomic Data Analysis and Distribution 2009
Affymetrix DMET and Cyto v2 assays 2010
Thermo Fisher LTQ-Oribitrap Velos for quantitative proteomics studies 2010
Biomek FXp robotic liquid handling system for Affymetrix sample processing 2010
Illumina HiScan BeadArray system with Tecan automation 2011
Illumina BeadXpress system for custom genotyping 2011
Overture Peptide Synthesizer 2011
Illumina HumanMethylation 450K assay 2011
Illumina ExomeSNP assay 2012
Illumina TruSeq exome capture 2012
FRET labeled peptide synthesis 2012
Illumina HiSeq2000 system 2012
Illumina MiSeq system 2012
Pioneer SensiQ biosensor analysis system 2012
Bruker MicroFlex Mass Spectrometer 2012
Affymetrix GeneTitan Multi-Color upgrade 2012
Illumina MiSeq2 system 2012
Caliper Sciclone NGS liquid robotics 2012
Illumina HiSeq2500 system 2013