Relocation Facts*

What is covered?

The following items are examples and must be approved by your Recruiter.

The list is not all inclusive:

What is not covered?

The following items are examples.

The list is not all inclusive:

How do I get my relocation reimbursement?

Beginning on your first day of employment you can submit your receipts for your move to your Recruiter (up to the pre-determined amount). According to the IRS, some things are taxable and our accountants will determine, specifically, which activities are taxable. You will receive a check for the relocation reimbursement (minus the taxes).

How long do I have to submit my receipts after I actually move and start my employment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital?

You have one year from your date of hire to submit receipts for (up to the pre-determined amount) specified by your Recruiter for your move.

How do I submit my receipts?

Please tape original receipts (in chronological order) on a piece of paper (8.5 in x 11in). On the top of each piece of paper, please write your name, employee ID # and phone extension (if multiple sheets are needed). If your move involved more than one trip, (ie. apartment/house hunting trip and then a move): please submit receipts via the event.

All receipts for the apartment/house hunting trip on one set of papers and the actual move on another set of papers. Please make copies of your receipts before you send them to HR. When you have completed this, send the papers (containing the receipts) to your Recruiter at HR Mail Stop 507.

How long will it take to get my reimbursement check?

Please allow 3-5 weeks to process your relocation reimbursement and have a check cut for you. The relocation check will be sent to your department with your payroll check.

Do I have to use one of the suggested moving companies to be reimbursed?

You are not required to use any of the moving companies listed in this guide. We advise you to talk to more than one reputable company and get the most competitive price for your move.

What happens if I use a moving company and the cost is more than my relocation allotment?

You will be responsible for paying the moving company for any expenses incurred (over the pre-determined amount).

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact your Recruiter with any questions pertaining to your employment or relocation to Memphis.

*Faculty, postdoctoral research associates and staff are eligible for different relocation packages. The information in this section refers to staff relocation polices and procedures. Faculty seeking relocation must contact Faculty Affairs. For information regarding postdoctoral research associate relocation packages and procedures, please see Postdoctoral Research Associate relocation or contact Academic Programs.