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College Volunteers

College Student Volunteer Program

The College Student volunteer program accommodates students in local colleges seeking to gain experience and have fun working with children and their families in a health care setting. For students enrolled in a college within 50 miles of Memphis, Tennessee, we are proud to say we have several areas where student volunteers fit well within our organization. Students fulfill a 2-semester requirement during Fall and Spring semesters.

Fall 2014/Spring 2015

We have reached our capacity for the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 sequence and are no longer accepting applications. Please note the group opportunities information below for another way to serve.

College Student Volunteer Opportunities


Acceptance Criteria:

Volunteer Services Internship

Please see information about our Volunteer Services Internship.

Group Event

An additional way to experience St. Jude and give to our patients is by providing a special group activity or entertainment. If you belong to a group that would like to provide an event such as this at Tri Delta Place, Target House or the hospital, please visit Group Opportunities.

Additional Information

If you have questions regarding the College Student volunteer program, please email Volunteer Services.

Thank you for your interest in serving the patients and families of St. Jude.