Child Life helps patients learn about the body

Photography by Biomedical Communications

The Child Life Program at St. Jude educated patients and siblings about how certain parts of the body work during All About the Body Week earlier this month. This year’s theme was “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as patients participated in a variety of interactive activities focused on the head, toes, shoulders and joints.

The games and activities serve as teaching tools for patients and their families. Through events like All About the Body Week, the Child Life Program strives to minimize the stress and anxiety that many kids experience when they have to stay in the hospital. A child’s normal development can be affected when battling a serious illness. The work of Child Life specialists can assist children with living as close to a normal life as possible. They do this by providing opportunities to gain a sense of mastery, play, learning, self-expression, family involvement and peer interaction.