My Mobile Benefits

My Mobile Benefits works like an app that lets you—and your family—access benefits information from your mobile device.

Mobile image

Get quick access to:

  • Health plan numbers and contacts
  • Health provider directories
  • Group fitness class schedule
  • Website for checking FSA balance
  • TIAA-CREF portal
  • EAP counseling resources
  • Benefits team contact info

Getting started

  • On your mobile device, type in this URL:
  • You should see the 9-item menu with graphics/headings.
  • To add an icon to your mobile device’s “desktop” that will launch My Mobile Benefits: While the page is displayed in the browser window, use the “Add to Home Screen” functionality specific to your device to set a bookmark on your home screen. (See your device’s user guide for specific steps—click here to see an online tutorial for Android browsers or iPhones.)

For questions, email