What to Bring

You have just learned that your child might have a life-threatening illness. We know that this is an emotional time for your family. At this moment, packing suitcases for your stay at St. Jude might seem like a low priority. Even so, bringing needed information and familiar items can help provide stability and comfort for you and your child. It may help your child to pack a suitcase of his own with the things that are most important to him. You can follow behind your child and pack the essentials.

If your trip to St. Jude includes air travel, pack all prescription medications and important documents in a carry-on bag

Download a printable check list

Come Prepared to Stay

If you live out of town and your child is having an outpatient operation or procedure involving a general anesthetic, you may be asked to remain in Memphis overnight. This applies to children having liver and lung biopsies or outpatient surgery.

Any surgery has a risk of complications, and you need to be nearby in case medical attention is needed. So pack your pajamas and prepare to spend the night.

Safeguarding Your Possessions

Always remember that you must safeguard your own things. St. Jude is not equipped to store your valuables. Patients and family members should not bring jewelry and other valuables that they cannot keep with them at all times.