'Add' yourself to the fight against cancer

Math is either hated or loved. Just like the subject itself, it doesn't really have a grey area between the two emotions ... except at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Letter from a St. Jude parent and Math-A-Thon coordinator

St. Jude parent and Math-A-Thon coordinator Catherine Greenslade writes a letter to all coordinators explaining their importance.

Things that change with cancer

St. Jude parent and Math-A-Thon coordinator, Catherine Greenslade and her daughter, Emily Miller explain the changes in their lives that began with Emily's diagnosis.

Math-A-Thon adds new features to funbooks, Web site

Internet-based bonus problems are one exciting feature of the new Math-A-Thon Funbooks.

Math-A-Thon kicks off new season

This school year millions of youngsters around the country are going to pitch in and help other children in the battle against childhood catastrophic diseases. And they are going to do it one math problem at a time.

Math-A-Thon funbooks available on CD-ROM

New version may increase participation.

An exciting assembly sets the tone for your Math-A-Thon

Assemblies should excite the student body while teaching students the impact of their participation.

New York coordinator uses Math-A-Thon as character-building tool

Math-A-Thon becomes part of school's character-building plan

Nephew's fight drives Math-A-Thon coordinator

Tennessee Math-A-Thon coordinator draws inspiration from her nephew's fight against cancer.

Hospital visit inspires Louisiana Math-A-Thon coordinator

A trip to St. Jude Hospital in Memphis helps bring Math-A-Thon efforts into focus for Louisiana teacher.

Murray Math-A-Thon coordinators earn top award

This past summer, Math-A-Thon coordinator Tonda Thomas and fellow coordinator Debbie Miller, both of Murray, Kentucky, were honored as Volunteers of the Year for their longstanding commitment to the Math-A-Thon program.

Top 10 reasons to do Math-A-Thon

Top 10 reasons to do Math-A-Thon

Math-A-Thon goes interactive with CD-ROM

Built on the principle of helping teach children math skills while simultaneously showing them how to help those in need, Math-A-Thon has become one of the pillars that sustains St. Jude.