Stories of triumph

Kids shouldn’t deal with cancer. But they do, and they do so courageously. Read stories of our patients below and learn how you’re making a difference.
Patient David
David | 7 years old | acute lymphoblastic leukemia
When David had a fainting spell on Christmas Eve, he was rushed to the local emergency room, where doctors suspected he may have cancer. David and his family arrived at St. Jude the very next day.
Patient Eden
Eden | 4 years old | acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Even in the midst of treatment, Eden hasn’t slowed down. She loves to play and is constantly busy – whether it’s riding her tricycle, caring for her baby dolls or keeping up with her three sisters.
Patient Camila
Camila | 10 years old | osteosarcoma
Camila was found to suffer from osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, in March 2014. Her family traveled from Puerto Rico to St. Jude for her treatment.
Patient Chloe
Chloe | 1 year old | ependymoma
When Chloe and her twin sister, Hanna, chatter with each other, they switch seamlessly between English, Chinese and Spanish. Right now, the twins are apart as Chloe undergoes treatment at St. Jude for a rare brain tumor.
Patient Brent
Brent | 9 years old | neuroblastoma
Brent has been a patient at St. Jude since October 2011. His continuing treatment includes antibody therapy medicine produced right on the St. Jude campus that’s not available anywhere else.
Patient Zara
Zara | 6 years old | brain tumor
St. Jude makes it possible for Zara's parents to focus on their daughter. "They make it so we don’t have those extra stresses,” said Zara’s dad.