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What is Saddle Up for St. Jude?

Saddle Up for St. Jude is a volunteer-based fundraising event to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through trail rides, horse shows or other equestrian events.

Horse enthusiasts hold Saddle Up events across the country to help in the hospital's fight against childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.

How does Saddle Up work?

As a coordinator, you will:

  • Recruit event participants and distribute fundraising materials (supplied by St. Jude).
  • Ask family, friends and coworkers for pledges. Fundraising can be done offline or
  • Earn prizes based on donations collected.

Hosting a Saddle Up event provides a meaningful opportunity for your community to enjoy horses and the great outdoors.

  • Create partnerships between you, your riding club or organization, and area businesses through event sponsorships.
  • Generate press coverage for your riding club, organization or group.
  • Contribute to St. Jude's groundbreaking research and pioneering care to save the lives of children in communities everywhere.

Bring Saddle Up for St. Jude to your community today. Call (800) 567-0675, or fill out this form to sign up and receive your Saddle Up for St. Jude kit.

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