Clinical Research Associates

Clinical Research Associates (CRAs)

Clinical research associates or CRAs, are responsible for the management of all study related information (data). This involves collecting the data, entering it into a database, and submitting it to the sponsors of the study so it can be analyzed. Important data on research studies might include information about how the cancer responded to the treatment, any side effects the patient had with treatment, and information that confirms the treatments and tests were done as required by the study protocol. CRAs are also responsible for assisting investigators with preparing and submitting study reports for review and monitoring (both inside and outside St. Jude), and for maintaining all study related information.

CRAs are a very important part of the study team, because they are responsible for collecting, storing, and submitting the data in a way that ensures it will be useful to the researchers who analyze it.  In addition, they help ensure that the institution is in compliance with local and federal rules and regulations, which are in place to protect the rights of research patients.