Contributions from Vendors

    St. Jude Vendors Code of Conduct Policies


    Contributions from individual and corporate donors provide necessary resources for St. Jude to pursue it’s mission of finding cures for children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. However, contributions can, under certain circumstances, lead to conflicts of interest or unintended violations of the law or regulations. This policy is designed to guide the acceptance of contributions to ALSAC/St. Jude so as to avoid such conflicts of violations.


    ALSAC/St. Jude may solicit and accept lawful contributions in keeping with its overall charitable mission and not-for-profit status. ALSAC/St. Jude will, however, maintain a separation between its fundraising activities and the business operations of the Hospital as they relate to the solicitation and/or acceptance of donations. ALSAC/St. Jude will not predicate the awarding of business
    contracts on the basis of vendor contributions to ALSAC/St. Jude.