Just 63 cents a day

Less than a dollar a day can make a big difference to children like St. Jude patient Mae.

When 6-year-old Mae’s stomach suddenly became distended and hard as a rock, her parents were worried. And when their local hospital found that Mae had stage III Wilms tumor on her left kidney, they thought it was the worst day of their lives.

But the worst day came a year later, after Mae’s cancer had disappeared in response to treatment. Routine tests showed the cancer had returned. Thankfully, her doctors referred her to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

"We found out that one of the top Wilms tumor experts in the country is at St. Jude," says Mae’s mom. "They have extensive experience in treating relapsed Wilms tumor cases."

St. Jude invents more clinical trials than any other children’s hospital, which is why the world looks to St. Jude for new and better ways to treat childhood cancer. Our doctors placed Mae on a trial of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and continue to watch her progress carefully.

As a St. Jude Partner In Hope, your monthly gifts will help to ensure that we are always here to help when children like Mae arrive at our doors, in need of lifesaving care.

And the amount of your monthly gift is up to you. Many of our supporters give $19 a month — only 63 cents a day.

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