Past ALSAC Chief Executive Officers


Michael F. Tamer 1957-1974
Michael F. Tamer, known as the lion of ALSAC, became one of the most vocal champions of the dream to build St. Jude, second only to Danny Thomas himself. His gruff but caring style persuaded thousands to help make the hospital a reality. Tamer passed away in November 1974.
Fred P. Gattas 1975-1976
Following the death of Mike Tamer, Fred P. Gattas was tapped as the interim CEO to guide ALSAC through the aftermath. Gattas spearheaded the move of ALSAC from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Memphis, Tennessee, positioning ALSAC and St. Jude for the growth that was to come.
Baddia J. Rashid 1976-1992
After retiring as Director of Operations of the antitrust division of the Justice Department, Baddia “Bud” Rashid assumed his new role as the CEO of ALSAC. His vision of the fundraising organization included a professional staff, centralized accounting practices and a more business-like structure. Rashid’s leadership propelled fundraising from $15 million a year to more than $120 million by the time he retired. It was during Rashid’s tenure that ALSAC suffered its most traumatic loss: founder Danny Thomas passed away in February 1991.
Richard C. Shadyac 1992-2005
After Thomas’ death, new CEO, Richard C. Shadyac was faced with the arduous task of raising money for St. Jude without the entertainer’s charismatic leadership. He turned to the children of St. Jude to fill Thomas' shoes and become the spokespersons of the hospital. By letting the children share their stories of hope and healing, ALSAC continued to grow. Shadyac’s dynamic leadership combined with his deep devotion to children helped make ALSAC the third-largest healthcare charity in the world.
John P. Moses 2005-2008
CEO John P. Moses worked to cultivate new relationships with groups and corporate partners across the nation. During his term as CEO, ALSAC raised over $500 million for the first time and unveiled a strategic plan that sought to expand existing fundraising programs in several key areas–major gifts, corporate and Hispanic.
David L. McKee 2008-2009
David L. McKee served as the organization’s second interim CEO. McKee joined the ALSAC staff in 1977 as director of the Atlanta region before moving to the National Executive Office in 1982. In 2000, he was appointed chief operating officer for ALSAC where he oversaw overall operations, strategy and leadership of ALSAC. McKee served as COO and interim CEO while the ALSAC Board of Directors conducted a search to replace John P. Moses, who retired in 2008. With the appointment of Richard C. Shadyac Jr. as CEO in 2009, McKee resumed his duties as COO. He retired as COO in 2012 but continued to serve as an advisor to the CEO until passing away in August 2012.
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