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    Drug shortage linked to greater risk of relapse in young Hodgkin lymphoma patients

    National study connects higher rates of relapse in pediatric cancer patients to drug shortage, offering first example of patients hurt by shortages and renewing calls to protect patient access to lifesaving treatments. (Dr. Monika Metzger)

    Grand Slam

    Children with Hodgkin lymphoma reach home plate.

    Progress in quest to reduce use of radiation in treatment of pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma

    Trial led by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital investigators succeeds in keeping cure rates high for young patients with favorable-risk Hodgkin lymphoma while reducing their chances of serious treatment side effects. (Dr. Monika Metzger)

    Sarah Marchbank: Tiny dancer

    It was like a Nutcracker dream sequence, in which the Mouse King and his minions attack Clara. But this performance was real—a production fraught with uncertainty and hope. In the midst of chemotherapy and radiation, Sarah Marchbank knew exactly what she had to do: Dance on.