Talking About Medicines

talking about medicines

Going to school with medicines

Talking About Medicines: As a parent, you are the one who must make sure your child gets his medicines at the right times and in the right amounts. So, you should give clear instructions to the school nurse or day care worker, if your child needs medicine during the school day.

Learn to store medicines correctly

Talking About Medicines: We’ve all heard how important it is to take medicines correctly, but their proper storage can be just as crucial. Medicines can lose their strength and will not work as well if they are exposed to too much moisture, heat or sunlight.

Medication safety

Talking About Medicines: Never underestimate the dangers of accidental poisoning in children. While most people associate accidental poisoning with household chemicals, medicines are also a potential cause.

Medicines and sun exposure

Talking About Medicines: During outdoor activities, keep in mind that certain medicines could make your skin or your child’s skin more sensitive to the sun.

Watch out for poison ivy

Talking About Medicines: Poison ivy is a climbing vine that often is found on fence rows and in backyards throughout the central and eastern United States.