Non-Therapeutic Protocol

PTSARC: A Pilot Study On The Effects Of Preoperative Physical Therapy In Adolescents And Young Adults Diagnosed With A Lower Extremity Malignancy

Type of Protocol/Clinical Study

Associated Solid Tumor Studies : Solid tumors


This study evaluates the feasibility and the effect of adding a focused physical therapy intervention to the preoperative regimen in individuals diagnosed with a malignancy of the lower extremity. The intervention group will receive preoperative physical therapy at least 3 times per week for 60 minutes each session to the uninvolved leg. The therapy sessions will include endurance, strengthening, and stretching exercises. The results measures for this study are the Functional Mobility Assessment (FMA), strength and range of motion (ROM) of bilateral lower extremities (BLE’s). PT to be conducted for 10 weeks prior to the limb sparing procedure or amputation and for 10-12 weeks after the limb sparing procedure or amputation.





Inclusion Criteria

Exclusion Criteria

Principal Investigator

Angela Meyer Corr, PT, DPT

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