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Todd M. Gibson, PhD

Todd M. Gibson, PhD

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty


Epidemiology and Cancer Control

Contact Information

Todd Gibson, PhD
Epidemiology and Cancer Control
MS 735, Room 6011
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN 38105-3678
Phone: (901) 595-8260
FAX: (901) 595-5845


BS – Cornell University (1998)
MS – Lehigh University (2005)
PhD –Yale University, School of Public Health (2010)
Post-Doctoral Fellowship – National Cancer Institute

Research Interests

Selected Publications

Gibson TM, Engels EA, Clarke CA, Lynch CF, Weisenburger DD, Morton LM. Risk of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma after solid organ transplantation in the United States. American Journal of Hematology 2014 (in press).

Morton LM, Gibson TM, Clarke CA, Lynch CF, Weisenburger DD, Engels EA. Hepatitis B or C virus infection and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma among solid organ transplant recipients. Haematologica 2014; Epub ahead of print.

Clarke CA, Morton LM, Lynch C, Pfeiffer RM, Hall EC, Gibson TM, Weisenburger DD, Martinez-Maza O, Hussain SK, Yang J, Chang ET, Engels EA. Risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma subtypes after solid organ transplantation in the U.S. British Journal of Cancer 109:280-288, 2013.

Hofmann JN, Moore SC, Lim U, Park Y, Baris D, Hollenbeck A, Matthews C, Gibson TM, Hartge P, Purdue M. Body mass index and physical activity at different ages and risk of multiple myeloma in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study. American Journal of Epidemiology 177(8):776-786, 2013.

Gibson TM, Smedby KE, Skibola CF, Hein DW, Slager SL, de Sanjose S, Vajdic CM, Zhang Y, Chiu BC, Wang SS, Hjalgrim H, Nieters A, Bracci PM, Kricker A, Zheng T, Kolar C, Cerhan JR, Becker N, Holford TR, Weisenburger DD, DeRoos A, Butterbach K, Cozen W, Benavente Y, Sampson JN, Rothman N, Armstrong BK, Morton LM. Smoking, genetic polymorphisms in N-acetyltransferase 1 (NAT1) and 2 (NAT2), and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a pooled analysis within the InterLymph consortium. Cancer Causes and Control 24(1):125-134, 2013.

Gibson TM, Wang SS, Cerhan JR, Maurer MJ, Hartge P, Habermann TM, Davis S, Cozen W, Lynch CF, Severson RK, Rothman N, Chanock SJ, Morton LM. Inherited genetic variation and overall survival following follicular lymphoma. American Journal of Hematology 87(7):724-6, 2012.

Gibson TM, Brennan P, Han S, Karami S, Zaridze D, Janout V, Kollarova H, Bencko V, Navratilova M, Szeszenia-Dabrowska N, Mates D, Slamova A, Pfeiffer RM, Stolzenberg-Solomon RZ, Mayne ST, Yeager M, Chanock S, Rothman N, Chow WH, Rosenberg PS, Boffetta P, Moore LE. Comprehensive evaluation of one-carbon metabolism pathway gene variants and renal cell cancer risk. PLoS One 6(10):e26165, 2011.

Gibson TM, Weinstein SJ, Pfeiffer RM, Hollenbeck AR, Subar AF, Schatzkin A, Mayne ST, Stolzenberg-Solomon R. Pre- and postfortification intake of folate and risk of colorectal cancer in a large prospective cohort study in the United States. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 94(4):1053-1062, 2011.

Gibson TM, Ferrucci LM, Tangrea JA, Schatzkin A. Clinical and epidemiologic studies of nutrition. Review. Seminars in Oncology 37(3):282-296, 2010.

Gibson TM, Weinstein SJ, Mayne ST, Selhub J, Taylor PR, Pfeiffer RM, Virtamo J, Albanes D, Stolzenberg-Solomon R. A prospective study of one-carbon metabolism biomarkers and risk of renal cell carcinoma. Cancer Causes and Control 21(7):1061-1069, 2010.

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