Special Guests

Confirmed Celebrities:

Alberto Sardiñas
Enrique Santos
Gaby Espino
Ismael Cala
Rashel Diaz
Lili Estefan
Lili Estefan
Karla Monroig
Karla Monroig
Cristian de la Fuente
Christian de la Fuente


Special performances by:

Frankie J.
Frankie J

Gente D’Zona

Live auction performed by Bill Panoff

There’s no sleight of hand involved in Bill Panoff’s transformation from shipboard magician to CEO of a multimillion-dollar publishing and promotional company. Rather, Panoff credits his success to a combination of hard work, his intimate knowledge of the cruise business, and a desire to make significant contributions to the travel industry.

Fresh out of college, the Philadelphian joined Carnival Cruise Lines in 1980 as a magician, entertainer, and then cruise director. In 1988, he jumped ship to build a new life ashore. Capitalizing on his relationships with merchants on the island, Panoff developed a coupon book, the Cruise Director’s Guide to St Thomas, which was distributed by travel agents free to their clients. Next, he produced a 48-page magazine for Crown Cruise Line and, in 1991, Panoff hired his first employee.

Today, the South Florida-based PPI Group publishes dozens of in-cabin and commemorative publications for major cruise lines; produces custom television programming and promotional videos; and operates port shopping programs aboard many of the world’s cruise ships.