Training the world's health professionals


The best way to raise the level of childhood cancer care all over the world is by making sure there are appropriately trained health care professionals where they are needed most. 

Through the International Visitors Program, selected visiting international health care professionals learn firsthand from the staff at St. Jude and take knowledge back to their parent institutions. This way, children in their home country have access to the same level of care they would receive at St. Jude.

Each year, about 120 health professionals visit St. Jude through the program, and more than 40 nations have been represented.


Health care professionals all over the world can consult with St. Jude staff on difficult cases and access the latest research information — without leaving their home institution.

The comprehensive educational and collaboration program Cure4Kids gives doctors, scientists and researchers everywhere a free and open online meeting place. It is used by more than 33,500 health care professionals from 185 countries. More than 2,000 seminars are available on the site.

More than 120 international groups meet regularly on Cure4Kids to discuss difficult cases. This means that children all over the world are on the path to receiving the same cutting-edge treatment that we're able to deliver to the kids of St. Jude.


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