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Beth Schaeffer, MALS

Beth Schaeffer

Distance Learning Developer, Cure4Kids

Elizabeth (Beth) Schaeffer, MALS, has joined Cure4Kids as our Distance Learning developer. In this role Beth facilitates the development of online distance learning content and content evaluation tools for clinic staff, patient families, nurses, and physicians at International Outreach partner sites. Beth has a BS degree in biology from Rhodes College, which included an independent study in the Bacteriology lab at St. Jude. She recently finished a Master of Arts degree in Liberal Studies (MALS) at the University of Memphis, a program that requires students to design their own program of study and integrate course work from at least two disciplines. Beth’s graduate final project was awarded Outstanding Project in the MALS program for 2007. Beth has lived in Memphis for all of her adult life, but she grew up in New Mexico. Before coming to this position at St. Jude, Beth did development work for Cure4Kids as a contractor. Prior to that, she was a technology faculty member at the Hutchison School, was a trainer and curriculum developer for a software education company, owned her own desktop publishing and graphic design business, co-authored/edited a book on AutoCAD, was a systems engineer at IBM, and worked as a medical research lab technician at UTCHS in the field of cellular immunology/rheumatology.