Visitors Reflections

Cheyenne Medlock


B.S. in Education in Health and Human Performance with concentration in Exercise and Sport Science

Purpose for coming to St. Jude

Since coming to St. Jude for the first time in 10th grade on a school trip, I have dreamed of working here. Every December, my friends and I line the street and cheer on the runners in the St. Jude Race for a Cure, as well as take part in many other volunteer opportunities offered. After applying for the Access and Diversity Award Internship program at the University of Memphis, I was ecstatic to learn I had been placed at St. Jude in the Clinical Nutrition department. I am getting to make connections in a field I hope to be a member of someday, as well as meeting inspiring patients and their families. Every day at St. Jude is a new adventure, and I am constantly learning new things to help me on my way to my future career.


My experiences at St. Jude have been wonderful. I have been able to help with many of the Clinical Nutrition services, including the Mommy & Me nutrition class and the Yoga & Nutrition patient class. I have also gotten to work hand in hand with families to help them make smarter food choices, as well as help patients themselves learn about healthy food options. On the other side of Clinical Nutrition, I have gotten a first hand look at what it takes to publish and write articles to share the knowledge gathered here at St. Jude with other professionals all over the world. Interning at St. Jude has helped me to see different fields I can potentially work in and meet people in those fields. My time here has been humbling and exhilarating, and I am thankful for getting this opportunity.