Megan Wilkins, PhD

Megan L. Wilkins, PhD

Clinical Psychologist


Infectious Diseases

Contact Information

Megan L. Wilkins, PhD
Infectious Diseases
MS 740, Room R4003
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN  38105-3678
Phone: (901) 595-5965


BA – Ohio University, Athens, Ohio (2001)
MA – University of South Carolina, Columbia South Carolina (2004)
PhD – University of South Carolina, Columbia South Carolina (2006)

Selected Publications

Wilkins ML, Dallas RD, Fanone KE, Lyon ME. Pediatric palliative care for youth with HIV/AIDS: systematic review of the literature. HIV/AIDS Research and Palliative Care 5:165-179, 2013.

Dallas RD, Wilkins ML, Wang J, Garcia A, Lyon ME. Longitudinal Pediatric Palliative Care: Quality of Life & Spiritual Struggle (FACE): Design and Methods. Contemporary Clinical Trials 33(12):1033-1043, 2012.

Smith R, Chernoff M, Williams PL, Malee KM, Sirios PA, Kammerer B, Wilkins M, Nichols S, Mellins C, Usitalo C, Garvie P, Rutstein R. (June).  Impact of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Severity on Cognitive and Adaptive Functioning during Childhood and Adolescence. Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal 31(6):592-598, 2012.

Garvie PA, Wilkins ML, Young JC. Medication adherence in adolescents with behaviorally-acquired HIV: Evidence for employing a multi-method assessment protocol. Journal of Adolescent Health 47(5):504-511, 2010.

Garvie PA, Wilkins ML, Kolivas E, Young JC. Multi-method adherence assessment in youth with perinatally acquired HIV-1: The influence of off-schedule dosing in predicting biological markers. Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal 29(4):372-374, 2010.

Grier JEC, Wilkins ML, Jeffords EH. Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric bipolar disorder. In P. McCabe & S. Shaw (Eds.), Psychiatric Disorders: Current Topics and Interventions for Educators. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin pp 17-17, 2010.

Grier EC, Wilkins ML, Pender CAS. Bipolar Disorder: Educational implications for secondary students. Principal Leadership 7(8):12-15, 2007. 

Grier EC, Wilkins ML, Szadek L. Treatment and intervention for bipolar disorder in childhood: Implications for school psychologists. NASP Communiqué 34(3):38-41, 2005.

Grier EC, Wilkins ML. Bipolar disorder in children: Identification and diagnosis. NASP Communiqu, 34(2):28-32, 2005.

Grier EC, Wilkins ML. Best practices in school psychology: Determining educational services for students with learning disabilities. School Psych Scene, Newsletter of the South Carolina Association of School Psychologists Spring 2004.