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Non-Therapeutic Protocol

ANBLB1: Neuroblastoma Biology Studies

Type of Protocol/Clinical Study

Associated Solid Tumor Studies


Neuroblastoma is the most common extra-cranial solid tumor in children. It arises from immature nerve cells in the abdomen, chest, or neck of young children. There are many different “kinds” of neuroblastoma tumors. Researchers have learned a lot about the characteristics of neuroblastoma tumors. Researchers believe there is more helpful information that can be gathered by further study of neuroblastoma tumors. This information can be used to develop better treatments for neuroblastoma and to further improve ways of predicting how the disease will respond to treatment. During this study, researchers will confirm the diagnosis of neuroblastoma in each subject and will help decide the best treatment for each subject. Researchers will also conduct special tests on tissue samples from neuroblastoma tumors.



Only current St. Jude patients are eligible for non-therapeutic studies, including this one.

Principal Investigator

Sara Federico, MD

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