Clinical Informatics Services

Clinical Informatics

Nurses’ contributions are critical to the success of our information systems.

Nursing is a major part of a patient’s care and nurses play a major part in Clinical Informatics Services. Registered nurses are part of project management, institutional process planning, electronic orders and scheduling teams. They work with nurses and other caregivers, with Information Technology Services, and directly with our software vendor (Cerner Healthcare) to install, maintain, upgrade and teach our clinical information systems.

The continued advancement of Milli (our name for Cerner Millennium software) applications will contribute significantly to the framework of the clinical information systems’ project which will offer many benefits supporting the effective delivery of patient care, capture of vital research data, and improvements in patient safety. These benefits include:

Medication administration and other clinical trial data captured as a byproduct of the care process will also be made available to support our clinical trials and research, thus reducing time consuming and error prone manual processes required today to access this information.

These features and many more offer St. Jude the potential to significantly re-engineer the care delivery process in ways that will enhance outcomes, improve service and patient flow and support our ongoing commitment to excellence in patient care, safety and research.

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