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Grooming the next generation

Grooming the Next Generation

Along with outstanding patient care and research, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital focuses on educating and training the next generation of doctors, nurses, researchers and academic leaders. From programs for high school students to the postdoctoral level, St. Jude plays a major role in preparing future leaders of science and medicine.

Mentoring opportunities at St. Jude inspire many high school and college students to consider careers in science and medicine. Instead of texting, lounging by the pool and playing video games, some of the nation’s brightest students spend summers with some of the world’s hardest working researchers in labs at St. Jude. Through initiatives like The Summer for Sickle Cell Science Program and the Pediatric Oncology Education (POE) program, students experience mentoring opportunities beyond measure. The mentors act as advisers, guides and trusted counselors and gain dedicated student scientists in return.

St. Jude also accepts graduate students from educational institutions around the world, hosts postdoctoral research fellows, sponsors clinical fellowships, organizes symposia and seminars on the hospital campus, offers training to international health care professionals and has a dedicated office that supports scientific and clinical investigators in training.

The recruitment and training of the next generation of scientists is a critical goal of each program, and experiences at St. Jude can make a difference in a student’s long-term career path.

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