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    Coping Plans for Easier Scans

    This program helps kids with sickle cell disease avoid anesthesia during MRI scans.

    Intervention helps children with sickle cell disease complete MRI tests without sedation

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital reports success using a targeted educational approach to teach young patients to remain motionless during MRI scans, making the process safer. (Dr. Jane Hankins)

    Teens in Transition

    An innovative new program helps teens with sickle cell disease ease into adult care.

    St. Jude researchers find that MRI can replace biopsy for monitoring iron

    Nobody likes needles. So it’s good news that St. Jude researchers have found they can replace one big needle with a magnet. The needle is used to take a liver biopsy sample to measure the body’s iron level; and the magnet is the heart of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine.

    Aaron Jackson: Double Jeopardy

    Imagine finding out that your newborn son has an inherited blood disorder. Still reeling from that diagnosis, you discover that he also has cancer. St. Jude helps one family cope.

    Preserving spleen and brain function in sickle cell patients

    Increasing the level of normal hemoglobin in children with sickle cell anemia might prevent the long term damage to their spleens and brains that commonly occurs with this disease.

    Hope for babies with sickle cell disease

    Through two studies--HUSOFT and BABY HUG--St. Jude is offering hope to babies with sickle cell disease.

    Hydroxyurea safe and effective for sickle cell babies

    Treating babies who have sickle cell anemia (SCA) with oral liquid hydroxyurea appears to prevent the onset of long-term complications triggered by this disease.