Cyclin C Variants and Diagnostic and Therapeutic Uses Thereof (SJ-99-0011)

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Cyclin C variants and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof (SJ-99-0011)
Description This invention describes a truncated cyclin C protein that acts as an endogenous cyclin C inhibitor which can be used to develop diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for a number of different cancers. The level of truncated cyclin C expression in tumors can be modulated by either increasing (through the use of gene therapy vectors) or decreasing (using anti-sense RNA technology) the amount of truncated cyclin C protein within the cancerous cells.  In addition, this invention could also be developed into a preventive treatment in precancerous lesions that are known to progress into cancer, such as dysplasias of the cervix, esophagus and lung, by manipulating the level of truncated cyclin C expression.
Keywords Cyclin C, cancer therapeutic and diagnostic, cell cycle regulation
Granted Patents or Published Applications U.S. Patent Nos. 6,075,123; 6,306,648
Related Scientific References

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