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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Mary V. Relling, PharmD

Departmental Focus

The department comprises both Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Services. Our research mission is to elucidate the basis of interindividual differences in response to medications. Our clinical mission is to provide the highest quality comprehensive clinical pharmaceutical care to children with catastrophic diseases, always working to integrate research findings into clinical care as quickly as possible. The department includes the licensed Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory for St. Jude, as well as the Cancer Center’s Pharmacokinetics Shared Resource.

The outcome for children with cancer, HIV infection, and other serious diseases continues to improve, largely through the improved use of medications. Failure of current therapies is at least partly due to less-than-optimal dosing of existing medications. For many medications, inherited differences in patients’ ability to metabolize, transport, and eliminate drugs and in the characteristics of drug targets and receptors are significant determinants of therapeutic or adverse effects of medications. Our pharmacogenomic research integrates high-throughput molecular analyses, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics to identify inherited germline and somatically-acquired tumor genetic determinants of drug effects in humans, with the long-term goal of optimizing drug therapy for individual patients. Our faculty, trainees, and staff work in a number of preclinical laboratory models, integrate their work into translational studies, develop new agents in collaboration with other St. Jude faculty, and use state-of-the-art clinical approaches to establish new knowledge and improve patient care.

Contact Us

Pharmaceutical Department
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place
Room I-5112
MS 313
Memphis, TN  38105-3678 USA

Email: mary.relling@stjude.org
Phone: (901) 595-3663
FAX: (901) 595-8869

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Sharyn D. Baker, PharmD, PhD   Clinical pharmacology of novel small molecule anticancer agents

William E. Evans, PharmD   Pharmacogenomics of antileukemic agents

William L. Greene, PharmD   Pharmacotherapy in children

James M. Hoffman, PharmD   Medication safety and outcomes

Mary V. Relling, PharmD   Pharmacogenomics and leukemia therapy

Erin G. Schuetz, PhD   Pharmacogenetics and regulation of drug detoxification genes

John D. Schuetz, PhD   ABC transporters and mitochondrial biology

Alex Sparreboom, PhD   Mechanisms of drug uptake in kidney and liver

Clinton F. Stewart, PharmD: Pharmacokinetics and anticancer drug development

Jun J. Yang, PhD: Pharmacogenomics of anticancer agents and drug resistance