Math-A-Thon funbook

Top 10 reasons to do Math-A-Thon

10. Doing Math-A-Thon is fun! It's not like doing real school work.

 9. Math-A-Thon is a great learning tool.

 8. It keeps the house quiet for at least a week.

 7. Being good at math helped a St. Jude scientist win the Nobel Prize for medicine.

 6. Doing math makes you a hero to a lot of very sick children.

 5. Using the Math-A-Thon CD is like being able to play a video game during school.

 4. You get to visit fun places like Glider Mountain.

 3. You can win cool prizes!

 2. By doing Math-A-Thon, you are doing a great thing: helping kids.

 1. Doing Math-A-Thon helps doctors and scientist at St. Jude save kids' lives.