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    Gene sequencing project discovers common driver of a childhood brain tumor

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital -Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project identifies the most common genetic alteration yet in the brain tumor ependymoma; results offer clues for fighting other cancers. (Richard Gilbertson, MD, PhD, David Ellison, MD, PhD, Jinghui Zhang, PhD)

    Brain tumor culprit caught

    A hunt through billions of pieces of genetic information uncovers new clues on treatments for childhood ependymoma.

    The Treasure Seekers

    Scientists unearth genes driving a childhood brain tumor.

    Gene sequencing project finds new mutations to blame for a majority of brain tumor subtype

    The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project advances understanding of genetic defects underlying childhood low-grade gliomas and identifies promising new drug therapies. (Dr. David Ellison)

    A class of his own

    Mischievous Jonah Borngrebe is one of a kind. Unfortunately, the tumor in his brain is also extremely rare. St. Jude researchers are helping the world’s scientific community better classify this tumor.

    Study holds promise for first targeted treatment of common brain tumor

    Scientists have found evidence suggesting that small-molecule drugs could offer the first effective chemotherapy for childhood low-grade astrocytomas, improving the prognosis for hundreds of children with the disease.