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Yuri Quintana, PhD

Yuri Quintana

Director, Education and Informatics, International Outreach Program

At St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Yuri Quintana has led the development of several international online projects, including, an online pediatric cancer education Web site used by thousands of health professionals in 175 countries; Pond4Kids, an online system used for international pediatric cancer protocol research; Consult4Kids, a Web-based system used by health professionals for clinical consultations; and Cure4Kids for Kids, a community outreach education program to education children and communities about cancer and healthy living. Prior to coming to St. Jude, Quintana was a principal investigator in the Canadian HealNet Research Network focusing on consumer health informatics; while there, he designed breast cancer decision support systems for the Canadian Cancer Society. Formerly a faculty member at the University of Western Ontario, Quintana also served as director of the New Media Research Lab. He has held high-tech positions at IBM Canada Limited, Watcom Inc., WATFAC, and the University of Waterloo. The chair of four international conferences on medical informatics, Quintana earned master’s and doctoral degrees in systems design engineering and an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and computer science, all from the University of Waterloo. Quintana is currently focused on the development of innovative Internet technologies that empower communities of health care professionals and consumers to communicate, learn and collaborate on a worldwide basis.