Diagnostic Imaging – Clinical Operations Management and Research Database (DI-COM/RD) (SJ-13-0005)

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Diagnostic Imaging – Clinical Operations Management and Research Database (DI-COM/RD) (SJ-13-0005))
Description A comprehensive software solution for radiologists and others prescribing and tracking diagnostic CT and MR imaging activities. It is intended to enhance efficiency across the hospital in compliance with pertinent rules, to benefit patients and advance our clinical, academic and educational goals.

DI-COM/RD was created to be an electronic centerpiece for clinical and research operations of the Division of Diagnostic Imaging at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital that is scalable and provides compatibility with other information systems. Current functionalities include the electronic prescription capability of both simple and more complex diagnostic MR/CT studies with or without research components and of IV contrast media, an MR safety database (contrast allergies, implants etc.), a subscription-based electronic notification system, as well as a teaching and research radiology database. Resulting improvements include centralized, dashboard-like display of clinical information relevant for the radiologists, making the MR prescription process streamlined, virtually error free, paperless and track-able, simplifying our prescription of contrast media (to remove human error), and allowing enhanced communication between radiologist and radiology technologists as well as others involved in the clinical care of patients. Due to the flexible and scalable architecture and interfacing capabilities of the software, future improvements and enhancements are possible to accommodate the ever changing needs of the radiology practice.
Keywords Diagnostic Imaging – Clinical Operations Management and Research Database (DI-COM/RD),Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), software, database
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Licensing Opportunities We are currently seeking nonexclusive licensing opportunities in all fields for the development of this technology. The goal would be to see it broadly commercialized by other research institutions, clinical or medical settings; or to places beyond (factories, retail stores, amusement parks, etc.)


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Last update: October 2013