Star siblings

Sibling Star Day

St. Jude patient Anthony Lawrence and his sister, Isabella Bianca, share a close relationship.


When a child is battling a deadly disease, the whole family is affected, including siblings. So each year, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital hosts a Sibling Star Day event, celebrating the brothers and sisters of St. Jude patients.

The annual St. Jude Sibling Star Day helps acknowledge the ways brothers and sisters help in the healing process and gives them a time to shine. There’s a party for patients and families, honoring and thanking siblings for all they do, and a ceremony celebrating siblings. Star siblings

When Anthony Lawrence was found to suffer from a brain tumor in 2008, his parents, Mary Cecile and Alex, turned to St. Jude for his treatment, which included surgery and 33 rounds of radiation therapy. Anthony Lawrence’s older sister, Isabella Bianca, has been by his side throughout everything. Sibling Star Day provides her a chance to shine.

Isabella Bianca and Anthony Lawrence are very close, in part because of the experiences they’ve shared at St. Jude. They’re artistic, intelligent kids who have been affected by Anthony Lawrence’s illness. 

Mary Cecile appreciates how much St. Jude values patients’ siblings. “Sibling Star Day is just one of the many ways St. Jude shows it cares and supports not just the patient, but every family member,” she said.

Isabella Bianca also loves being in the company of other siblings — kids like her who understand firsthand what it’s like to have a brother or sister who is ill.

 “She can experience support and camaraderie with other siblings, as well as get recognition from hospital staff and volunteers,” Mary Cecile said. “It makes me happy that St. Jude recognizes the healthy siblings because they need to know they are appreciated, valued and loved.”

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