Department of Biostatistics


James Boyett, PhD

Departmental Focus

The mission of the Department of Biostatistics is to promote clinical, translational and laboratory investigations through the further development and creative application of statistical science including interfaces with biology, medicine and information technology.

Well-designed and well-executed studies provide the best opportunity for the advancement of clinical, translational and laboratory research. Our highest priority is the design of investigational clinical protocols and experiments that meet these criteria. To ensure that investigators have access to uniformly high-quality, innovative statistical science for clinical trials design, we use an internal peer review system. This process, which is sanctioned by the institution’s senior leadership, requires that all clinical protocols designed at St. Jude be reviewed and approved by the Protocol Review Committee (PRC) of the Department of Biostatistics. In addition to clinical and translational investigations, we are actively involved in the design and analyses of laboratory-based experiments, including genetics and genomic studies. We are the Operations and Biostatistics Center (OBC) for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (PBTC).

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Department of Biostatistics
MS 768, Room R6030
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN 38105-3678

Phone: (901) 595-4986
FAX: (901) 544-8843

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James M. Boyett, PhD  Statistical design and analysis of clinical trials

Cheng Cheng, PhD  Statistical methods in cancer genomics and genetics

Guolian Kang, PhD  Statistical genetics/genomics, statistical modeling of complex data

Yimei Li, PhD  Statistical analysis of complex imaging data

Arzu Onar-Thomas, PhD  Phase I-II designs, survival analysis, Bayesian statistics

Stan Pounds, PhD  Develop statistical methods for genomics studies

Deo Kumar Srivastava, PhD  Clinical trials, robust methods, survival analysis

Li Tang, PhD  Measurement error & classification; longitudinal modeling; complex epidemiologic study design

Jianrong (John) Wu, PhD  Design and analysis of preclinical and clinical trials

Hui Zhang, PhD  Longitudinal missing discrete data and computational neuroscience

Liang Zhu, PhD Survival analysis and longitudinal data analysis


Departmental Staff