Non-Therapeutic Protocol

ETHEL: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Trial of Ethanol Lock Therapy for Treatment and Secondary Prophylaxis of Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) in Children and Adolescents

Type of Protocol/Clinical Study

Associated Infectious Diseases Studies : Central line associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI)


Central lines and ports increase the chance of getting a bloodstream infection from bacteria or fungus attaching to the line, called a line infection. Line infections generally require hospital admission and antibiotics. Antibiotics usually help eradicate the infection but sometimes it is not possible to clear or it comes back after treatment. Also, once someone has had one line infection the chance of getting another one is much higher. This study will look to see if using ethanol lock therapy (ELT) will improve the chance of curing a line infection and prevent another one. ELT is done by injecting a mixture of ethanol and water into the line or port for 2 hours and then removing it.


Eligibility Criteria

Principal Investigator

Joshua Wolf, MD

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