ALSAC Leadership

Senior Management Team
Brenda Abshure

Brenda Abshure, VP, Executive Projects and Senior Philanthropy Adviser

Christopher Boysen

Christopher Boysen, SVP, Field Operations

Wilfred Busby

Wilfred Busby, VP, Call Centers

Emily Callahan

Emily Callahan, Chief Marketing Officer

Nila Carrington

Nila Carrington, VP, Human Resources

Steven Froehlich

Steven Froehlich, SVP, National Direct Marketing

Emily S. Greer

Emily S. Greer, Chief Administrative Officer

Sara Hall

Sara Hall, Chief Legal Officer

Melanee Hannock

Melanee Hannock, SVP, Marketing

Sue Harpole

Sue Harpole, SVP, Gift Planning

Diane Heyman

Diane Heyman, SVP, Human Resources

Sherry Lear-Park

Sherry Lear-Park, VP, Donor Care

Robert Machen

Robert Machen, Chief Information Officer

Betty MacDougall

Betty MacDougall, VP, CEO Affairs & Executive Communications

Jeffrey T. Pearson

Jeffrey T. Pearson, Chief Financial Officer

William Reeser

William Reeser, Chief Investment Officer

George P. Shadroui

George P. Shadroui, Chief Strategy Officer

Richard C. Shadyac Jr.

Richard C. Shadyac Jr., Chief Executive Officer

Patricia Wyatt

Patricia Wyatt, Chief Development Officer

Executive Directors

Shelby Anderson, Field Program Development
Steele Ford, Strategic Partnerships
Aimee Hall, Interactive Group
Alan Harrison, Information Technology Services
Glenn Keesee, Field Program Management
Caroline Kuebler, Field Management
Cecilia Villa, International Partnerships
Michelle Wamble, Gift Planning Advancement
Regina Watson, Gift Planning Development
Lisa Zyriek, Finance and Administration